Balance and Healing

Balance and Healing

Shante Johnson sits down with Livdeepe Rahmesh to discuss the energy within our own bodies and how we can find balance and healing during these difficult times.

Livdeepe is an Emotional Balance Practitioner, Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Vibrational Sound Practitioner. A Reiki Master is someone who works with the body’s energetic field. An emotional balance practitioner works with emotions that might be blocked because of trama or stress. And a vibrational sound therapist helps to balance the energy and frequency in the body.

There are a lot of things happening in our world right now, and we can do things to help ourselves and our families balance and open our energy centers in order to feel more healing. For example, our root shakra is the foundational shakra connected to our bones and joints. This shakra is all about grounding and feeling connected to the earth. Some ways to balance the root shakra is the get out in nature and put your feet on the earth, or hold a stone in your hand. Meditation or sound therapy will help the higher shakras located in the head; this is helpful for those of us that have a lot of chatter happening in our minds or feelings of fear. 

Many of us are struggling with grief right now. Our bodies are designed to feel grief and we should allow ourselves to feel it rather than mask it with food, shopping, or other distractions. The grief doesn’t last forever, and it’s okay to feel it while it lasts.  Journaling is a great way to process what you’re feeling. Staying present will also help. Ways to help you stay present is to focus on your breath; a simple inhale of 5 counts and an exhale of 5 counts. Turning on music and sitting in solitude for a little while can also help. Yoga or other forms of exercise are great ways to stay present. Although it might be hard, allow your children and other members of your family to feel grief. It’s not important for you to fix your children’s problems, but it is important for you to be supportive of them and acknowledge their feelings. The road to healing will be much smoother if we do this rather than ignore their feelings. 

If you are interested in learning more about balance, or emotional healing, contact Livdeep. She can be reached at livdeepe@gmail.com.

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