Highlights from Police Week in DC

police week 2022 in Washington DC

During National Police Week in May, our very own Shante Johnson traveled to Washington DC to honor the Police Officers who have sacrificed their lives for their communities and country. Here is some of what she had to say about the experience:

During the week, all survivors came together on our Nations capital lawn. It took more than 30 tour buses to transport the survivors. It was a beautiful day and the President of the United States, Joe Biden addressed us and expressed his deep condolences.

The candlelight vigil was a sight, thousands came to take pause and give remembrance. The speakers and music were moving. Throughout the week survivors were able to participate in breakout sessions to help process the trauma and grief of their loss.

Our personal condolences and sincere thank you, to all the officers who bravely gave their lives for us. Thank you to each of the family and friends left behind for your sacrifice as you bravely face each day without your loved one. We hope Police Week was a beautiful reminder of the countless people who love and appreciate you.

Thank you Shante, for sharing your photos and memories from National Police Week 2022.

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