Massive Rental Building Plans in Euclid-Poplar Grove

Massive Rental Building Plans in Euclid-Poplar Grove, rootedandcompany, rootedandco, rooted&co

Massive Rental Building Plans in Euclid-Poplar Grove!

Plans for a massive new rental development in Euclid-Poplar Grove that would bring a 350-foot long residential building to 900 West and 200 South have been unveiled as they await a design review at City Hall.


The Crossing at 9th would be a 204-unit development with ground floor space that won’t be commercial upon completion but could be converted in the future.


The dense multifamily housing would replace a vacant Mexican restaurant, surface parking lot, one-story commercial space and garden space. 


“Urban neighborhoods consist of multilevel buildings that are generally lower scale than what is found in the urban center station area,” the city says of the zone. “The desired mix of uses would include ground floor commercial or office uses with the intent of creating a lively, active, and safe streetscape.”

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