Wood Isn’t The Only Option For Your Building Project

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Wood Isn’t The Only Option for Your Building Project

Whether you’re adding a shed to your property, expanding with a new room, or building an entire house, the cost of lumber is likely going to affect your plans. Though not quite as high as it peaked early in the pandemic, buying lumber in any quantity is not a cheap endeavor. The high cost of lumber is highlighting alternative materials to wood that may work better for some of your home building projects.

Non-Lumber Construction Materials

Lumber is probably the most well-known material used for framing construction and building projects but it isn’t the only option. When it comes to creating frames for rooms and buildings, steel and other metals are becoming an increasingly popular choice because of the added strength they provide. Metal framing is used in everything from sheds to exterior garages to entire homes and creates very sturdy structures that stand up well against severe weather.

Plastics such as composite decking and fencing are increasingly popular, creating a look that is reminiscent of wood while offering superior resistance to fading and weather damage. Bamboo products are also seeing an increase in use. Bamboo is similar to wood but often costs less because it grows to fast. Even concrete and fiber cement are seeing growth in popularity for their strength and ability to mold to a variety of shapes.

Minimizing Wood in Your Projects

Even with a variety of materials available, you may still need to (or want to!) use wood in your construction project. Wood offers a nice aesthetic and may be needed for the specific idea you have in mind. This doesn’t mean that you have to commit to wood for the entire project – you can use alternative materials in places where they aren’t visible or won’t affect the project in substantial ways, to reduce your project cost.

You can be creative and keep your costs low while still achieving the look and functionality you’re after. A great way to do this is to use alternative materials for framing and then attach wood to that frame. You can also use wood in areas where it’s necessary then supplement with paint-able composites or fiber cement. Finish that with a coat of paint and the materials look cohesive.

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