Our Five Types of Heroes

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Our Heroes Next Door program serves five types of heroes; (1) Police Officers, (2) Firefighters, (3) Healthcare Workers, (4) Educators, and (5) Military/Veterans. These are our Heroes and we show our support by helping you save money when buying or selling a home. You can look forward to:

  • Reduced lender fees for the best interest rate
  • Grant review and eligibility
  • Friends & Family discount at Title Co.
  • Home Warranty discount packages
  • Free lock change on home purchase

Here is a closer look at each of the five heroes.

1- Police Officer

Police are very important as they are entrusted to maintain the peace and enforce the law. They are who we call when there is an emergency and they help our communities feel safe. They are courageous, placing their lives in danger to protect the public.

2- Firefighters

Firefighters are also very courageous, placing their own lives in danger to rescue others. They are brave and strong, often being first on scene at traffic accidents and community emergencies.

3- Health Care Workers

These are the people we seek when we’re sick, injured, or when we need help with our health. This includes first responders, who are first on scene during emergency and crisis. Health Care Workers perform a brave service for our communities and we are grateful for their strength and knowledge.

4- Educators

Educators help our youth develop and learn, influencing their character and traits. They inspire our future generations and have the power to change the lives of our children, and also our families and community.

5- Military/Veterans

Serving in our armed forces is a courageous decision to make. . There are many ways you can support Veterans in your community. Volunteer at a VA facility (find one here), send mail (Operation Gratitude), help with employment opportunities (Hire Heroes USA), or consider donating to Homes for Our Troops, a non-profit that builds specially adapted homes for severely injured post—9/11 veterans.

Our Lead Agent, Shante Johnson, is a trusted member of the first responder family and she looks forward to working with you! Contact her for a home valuation or an appointment at (801) 450-1857.

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