Top 100 Mistakes When Selling A Home-[the series]

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Are you looking to sell your Utah home? Here’s our best advice for avoiding the 100 most
common mistakes Sellers make.

21. Thinking your opinion doesn’t matter

True, you should be able to depend on the expertise of your REALTOR to guide you through the selling and negotiating process, but remember: all the big decisions are yours. You decide on the asking price and the selling price. You decide when the timing is right to list your home and how much you should invest in home preparation.

22. Not reading what you sign.

You’ll be asked to sign a lot of paperwork – make sure you read and understand it all.

23. Not proofing your listing before it goes on the MLS.

The details matter and you’ll be held legally liable for what’s written on your MLS listing, so double-check that it is 100% accurate before it goes public. Check the lot size, the square footage, the description of the features and materials, the size and makeup of the rooms, what’s included in the condo fees, how much the property taxes are, etc. Read every word and ask questions if you don’t understand something. Yes, this IS your agent’s job…but better to be safe than sorry.

24. Forgetting to focus on curb appeal.

Buyers will often eliminate a house based on how it looks from the outside, so make a plan to maximize the curb appeal of your home.

25. Not searching for your own home on the internet.

It can take a couple of days before your home shows up on realtor.com, the number one website used by Salt Lake Buyers. Yes, your REALTOR should be checking to make sure it looks good online, but it never hurts to look at it from the Buyers perspective. Is the first photo the best photo? Does the description sound appealing? Is it showing up in the right neighbourhood?

26. Not insisting your home gets properly marketed online.

Remember: the goal is to get as many Buyers as possible to see your home, and that means marketing it online, where people are already spending their time. Hire an agent with a powerful website and an engaged social media following.

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27. Not realizing the Buyer is entitled to receive the home in the same condition it was in when they bought it

Your responsibilities as a homeowner does not end when you sign the agreement of purchase and sale…you must deliver the home on the closing day, in the same condition it was in when the Buyer offered to buy it. If the furnace or appliances break down before the closing day or the basement floods, you’ll need to fix it.

28. Not disclosing what you need to disclose

Sellers (and their agents) must disclose anything that might impact a Buyer’s enjoyment of a home. While it might be tempting to hide the knob and tube wiring or the problem with the foundation, it’ll cost you greatly in a lawsuit.

29. Leaving garbage/unwanted furniture behind when you move

Most agreements of purchase and sale include a clause requiring that the home is left in a broom-swept condition on closing. Under no circumstances should you leave garbage or old furniture in the home for the new Buyer to deal with.

30. Not understanding your options during an offer negotiation.


For the full list and a downloadable PDF, click on this article!

100 Mistakes in Selling

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