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Are you looking to sell your Utah home? Here’s our best advice for avoiding the 100 most
common mistakes Sellers make.

11. Walking away from an offer because you’re insulted it’s too low.

While not everybody wants to negotiate, some Buyers are expecting to. So while you may get an offer that’s $50K below market value, the Buyers may very well be prepared to increase their offer substantially. Avoid getting emotional at offer time and look to your agent for guidance on negotiation strategies.

12. Not knowing what to repair and renovate before selling.

It’s just as bad to over-repair and over-renovate as it is to ignore the important things that will matter to Buyers.

13. Not understanding the importance of staging.

To bring in the highest possible price, it’s important to showcase your home at its absolute best, and that likely means you’ll need to stage it. Optimize the use of every room for the typical Buyer (instead of how you live). Professional staging can quite literally add tens of thousands of dollars to your sale price.

14. Not using color and accessories to make the photos pop.

One of the biggest goals of staging your home before listing it for sale is to make your home look amazing in photos – and pops of colour and the right accessories can make a huge difference.

15. Thinking your house is the best on the block.

Truth: over 80% of Buyers think their home is better than average and that’s only true 50% of the time. When planning your selling and pricing strategy, be honest with yourself. If you aren’t sure how you compare to your neighbors, ask your agent. If you’re still not sure, consider visiting some open houses in the area or ask your agent to take you to see your competition.

16. Not fixing the small things.

Buyers often exaggerate how much it will cost to fix the small things, so take the time to fix the leaky faucet, recaulk the bathtub and repair the hole in the wall – it’ll cost you far less than the discount a Buyer will apply.

 17. Buying before selling or selling before buying.

There’s no easy answer as to whether you should buy or sell first, so take everything into consideration and talk to Rooted & Co.

18. Not recognizing the seasonality of real estate.

Real estate is seasonal, and there are ideal months (and less ideal months) to sell, and it’s not always what you’d think. For example? In Salt Lake the ‘spring market’ tends to start in April May . Talk to Rooted&Co today to find out the best time to sell your home.

19. Not tracking the competition and adjusting accordingly.

Buyers won’t just be looking at your home; they’ll be scouring everything that’s for sale. Track new listings that might appeal to the same Buyer as your home track what is and is not selling before you. Track which listings are taking offers on what days so you don’t schedule your ‘bidding war date’ on the same night as your main competitor.

20. Thinking you have all the answers.

There’s a lot more that goes into selling a home than you probably realize. Great REALTORS have listed hundreds of homes for sale and that expertise results in higher prices and faster sales.

For the full list and a downloadable PDF, click on this article!

100 Mistakes in Selling

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