Top 100 Mistakes When Selling A Home-[the series]

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Are you looking to sell your Utah home? Here’s our best advice for avoiding the 100 most
common mistakes Sellers make.

1. Being home for showings.
The National Association of REALTORS claims this is the number one reason homes stay
on the market for a long time. If a showing is scheduled, leave the house.

2. Thinking you will get a 100% return on your renovations.

Sadly, this is only true on TV. Always talk to your REALTOR before you make any renovations for the sale.

3. Restricting showing times to be convenient for you.
Opening your home to potential Buyers is a pain, but it’s to your advantage to make it as
convenient for them as possible. We recommend allowing showings between 10 am and 8
pm, 7 days a week.

4. Picking your REALTOR because they are your friend.
If they’re the best person for the job and you can fire them if they don’t perform, go for it.

5. Thinking just having your home on the MLS will sell it.
There’s a lot more to marketing your home than just putting it on the MLS, at least if you
want to sell it for top dollar. Hire an agent who knows how to expose your home beyond
the MLS and don’t ever accept mediocre marketing.

6. Not insisting on stunning professional photography.
Most Buyers first see the home they eventually buy online, so outstanding photography is

critical. If a Buyer bypasses your listing because of bad photos, they aren’t likely to reconsider it later.

7. Not deep-cleaning your house before putting it on the market.

Buyers assume that homes that are messy or dirty haven’t been properly maintained either…which means less interest from Buyers and lower offers. Don’t feel like cleaning?

Bring in a professional (or work with an agent who’ll take care of this for you, like Rooted&Co.)

8. Not tidying up before EVERY showing.
Make your bed, wash the dishes, put away your laundry, clean the floors — every time.

9. Leaving your dog in the house for a showing.
I know it’s hard to believe, but not everybody loves dogs. Don’t detract from a showing by
having a barking pup.

10. Overpricing your home and expecting buyers will negotiate.

Most Toronto Buyers will avoid an overpriced house rather than negotiate, so if your pricing strategy is to over-price by $50K and negotiate down to market value, recognize that you’ll be overlooked by most Buyers and may not get the chance to negotiate. If your listing lingers on the market, you might end up selling for less than market value.

For the full list and a downloadable PDF, click on this article!

100 Mistakes in Selling

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